Can you navigate ?

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Being able to navigate is one of the most important skills a human being can have.



Without navigation, not much can happen.
Without navigation, not much can happen.




Without accurate navigation there would be no civilization or trade.   Nobody could explore, escape from life-threatening locations, or meet new cultures.    Unfortunately, huge numbers of people living today have no clue how to navigate, either geographically, or mentally.    Learning to navigate brings a lot of clarity and confidence to life.    It is a rewarding challenge.

History has been profoundly influenced by those who knew where they were and where they were going.    Sadly, it’s also been affected by people who had no clue whatsoever.    In the past, skillful navigators became very wealthy because they discovered whole worlds full of resources.    A single commodity, the tea trade, built the British Empire over a period of about 250 years, in India and China.

The first thing we need to know before we go is where we are.   Otherwise we won’t be able to get where we need or want to be.   Discovering where we are is a very thought-provoking and humbling experience.    It makes us stop to think, look, reflect, and look around us.    Yet, it must be done, or we will not survive long.

Aviation training is a great way to learn navigation.    Piloting an aircraft requires a lot of skill and part of that is learning to find one’s way through any conditions.    If  you can’t fly, find someone who has a plane and take a ride around your local area.    Find out where your town is in relation to famous places.   

Learn to read maps. Modern maps have loads of information in them.  Besides the roads, you can find sizes of towns, national landmarks, elevations, large parks, rivers, marinas, as well as longitude and latitude.    If you know anyone who has a plane, ask them for a ride.   Flying above the places near where you live will change your whole perspective.

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