Be redundant…be safe…

Important travel items....can you remember them alll ?

Important travel items. Could you remember every one ?

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Use Checklists………   tips on managing activites

Being redundant can save your life.

From the early days of aviation it became obvious that to assure safety, backup systems are necessary.    Even in aviation communication it’s apparent      For example …..” Do you copy ? ”  ” readback correct”,  and the process of reading back with words connected to letters ( alpha, bravo, charlie, … zulu.. “)     All of that is to prevent mistakes.

Aircraft typically have 2 spark plugs, 2 batteries, two fuel pumps, and very often, 2 whole engines.   There’s also a co-pilot in many cases.   For instrument flying, there are generally 2 communication radios, two navigation radios, and an ALTERNATIVE airport for landing, plus reserve fuel.    It’s always, check, and re-check.    That’s why flying is still safer than driving.   People are paying attention.

That same approach can be applied to business and personal life management.

If it’s important to get a task done, write it down.   It will help keep you on track.    A short pencil is better than a long memory.     Also, for effective communication about important matters, ask your audience, ” do you understand  ?

Create backup systems for the most important operations in your home and business.

Saving time; our greatest resource



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