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Aviation is exciting, sometimes mysterious and even fearful.    View our pages and categories, and follow links to more photos and information. by Paul Smyres

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Dawn at 40,000 feet

“At the right speed, air can be as solid as concrete.”    WW 2 fighter pilot

Flying is what pilots get really passionate about

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Piloting an aircraft is a feeling of complete freedom.  Flight has been romanticized for ages,  we feel ourselves flying in dreams and sometimes get to fly while awake.     It’s just something……..once you fly an aircraft, most of the time you’ll want to do that again, soon.     Even if you don’t want to be a pilot, it’s still a lot of fun to sail through the air.    And there are so many different ways to do it now.     Some planes are very gentle, like the Piper Cub.   Some are more like rockets.   Few people get to ride in either one of those types, much less fly one.

Flying toward the sunset.   A flight simulator screen shot.

Aircraft save lives.

For some people the idea of flight is terrifying. News of spectacular air crashes get lots of attention.   The truth is: aircraft have saved countless human and animal lives for about 100 years, AND, mile for mile, flying is much safer than driving, yet people drive all the time.

Only a few examples:    food and medical airlift.  disaster relief, Coast Guard helicopters, fire fighting, bush flying ( supplies ).    And, aircraft are absolutely vital to the modern global economy.    Fear of planes comes from not knowing how they work.    Airplanes get a lot of mechanical attention, that’s why some last 60 or 70 years.    And any design that lasts that long means it’s really good.

We all need aviation.

How often do we stop, look up in the air and think about all the aircraft up there ?   Somewhere up in the stream of air someone’s food and important mail is flying by, day and night.    Precious humans are being moved about, all over the world, constantly, to be with family, negotiate business, explore, research, and so much more.   In the front of the plane are 1 or 2 tiny people being very conscious, guiding the machine to its destination.    Wow.             by Paul Smyres


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